CWGSR Contact Information:

You can reach us by telephone at 715-787-4230.  We make and accept phone calls up to 7pm only. You may request an adoption application using the form below and we will email one to you.

Anyone violating the simple rules on your right will be asked to leave. Violators may also jeopardize the option to adopt through our organization.

Please Respect Our Privacy

For our sake and the safety and well being of the dogs in our care, we must require that you respect our privacy. We may have sick or recuperating dogs or dogs that are not quite ready to meet people without a proper introduction. You must have an appointment to visit us. Drop-in visitors will be asked to leave.

If you wish to inquire on a dog or set up a Meet & Greet an approved adoption application must be in our files and an appointment to visit must be made well in advance of your arrival.

Contact Us Online

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  • We are sorry but we do not make or receive phone calls after 7pm.
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